censorship - sense or chip

Whenever any new media takes itself to the public, one of the first hurdles that it must clear is to decide on which part of the audience it will have to accept being hated by. One can never be all things to all people and with the printed word the most obvious line which has to be drawn is that of language.. bad, good, correct, blastphemous, slang, misspelled, ungrammatical, high tech.....they all raise their heads and demand to be considered. We here at 'tudes headquarters reached a simple decision early on that is based on the following three statements.

1. Real - needs to be real.

2. Leave well enough alone.

3. Have fun.

What this means, in reality, is that we will publish pieces AS WRITTEN based on their merit and content. Something which is grossly unreadable because of it's total disregard for the rules of grammar, spelling or public decency will, by definition, have little merit and dubious content. That's the fairly easy decision to make. The harder one is the prescence of vulgarity or slang contained within good pieces.. pieces which accurately reflect the culture that they deal with.

Bearing rule number three in mind, we have decided that a simple code will serve well to make such vulgarity acceptable to all but the most prudish and ill-humoured among us. The "F" word becomes "Fish". The "S" word becomes "Chip" and all others will fall into one term or another stemming from this most English of common meals.

This system will doubtless still offend the "Village Green Preservation Society" (as Ray Davies so accurately termed them all those years ago...) but ya can't please all the fishin' people all the fishin' time, now can yer?.

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