Clothes and stuff to adorn a bod.

Fash..un - (n) - that which will irritate one's parents and teachers, impress one's friends

and must be slavishly followed lest face-loss occur.

The following sites CLAIM to have all the answers, which makes them pretty fishin' suspect to begin with.. but hey, what the heck, check 'em out...



Get dresses, tanks, tees, and beachwear from this teen fashion store. Includes order forms and contact information.

Bugle Boy

From the same company that brought the world parachute pants comes another clothing solution that truly captures the times. Bugle Boy is open for business on the World Wide Web.

Kids fashion, girl's dresses, wedding dresses, boy's clothes

Peachykids collection features girl's dresses, kids fashion, special occassion dresses, wedding clothing, flower girl's dresses; holiday dresses etc.

Historical Boys Clothing

Insights into the fashion trends for boys over the past 500 years, including a review of major clothing styles with photos and descriptions.

Bed dolls, boy dolls, fashion dolls, 15" dolls, etc

Sort of.. getting all dolled up.

Fashion Tips for the Mod Boy

History of Rock Togs. Fashion Tips for the Mod Man. Helpful hints if you wanna be a mod (or just look like one!)

Subversive 11 Inch Fashion Doll Page

Check out Goth Girl Bobbie, Film Noire Bobbie, Rude Boy Ben and other creative fashion dolls and meet the page's creator. .HHHhhhmmmmm - This page ALMOST didn't make it on here since it's just a smidgeon on the questionable side of good taste (or any taste for that matter) It's all in good fun and quite funny in places. Not for your kid sis or bro tho'.

Fashion Trip Magazine - Cover

The coolest fashion magazine for young women and girls. (uh-huh)


Provides a complete shopping site for teens. Includes fashion interviews, buying instructions, as well as a list of brands and departments.

Fashion Chicago -- Teen Fashion

Mens. Boutiques. Casual Wear. Club Wear. Dance Wear. European. Uniforms....

Jaysson 'n Jourdan

Sample this exciting, spontaneous, and unpredictable array of high fashion clothing for preteens and teens. Includes contact information.

Teen Fashion World!

Teen Fashion World Homepage directs teens to the latest companies and links on the net. The teen fashion page includes clothing, entertainment, music, games, teen language, horoscope, magazines, make-up, perfume, underwear, deodorant, cologne, ad nauseum...

teen fashion

teen clothes, fashion, apparel, for the teen who is cool and has good taste.. and the rest of us as well.

Find young men's fashions from brands such as Groove, Ripwear, Colo Wear and Drummer Boy.

Welcome To the Junior Store offers great dresses for juniors and misses at terrific prices. Definitely beats mall prices, and the hassle of waiting in line!

Teen fashion accessories and teen fashion looks

teen fashion information by Claires 

Teen Fashion World!

Surveys teens on fashion and the latest companies on the net. Includes clothing, make-up, and jewelry.

Oxford Valley Mall Teen Board

Oxford Valley Mall Teen Board, Fashion & Events Program for Teenagers...

Teen- FASHION - Net Links

Fashion tips, trends, and links designed with teens in mind. From

Lindzi's Page of Insanity

Popular spot run by a teen includes fashion and make-up advice, celebrity gossip, and lots of contests. Get a list of useful hotline numbers.

Mount Carmel Area - Teen/Clothing/Fashion/Shopping Links

Atomic Teen

teen directory and search engine. Features Atomic Teen Web Zine, horoscopes, celebrities, music, movies, TV, fashion, and shopping.

All the Rage

Trendy little baubles like girlie crystal earrings, brastrap headbands and necklaces... (brastrap headbands???)


Welcome to My Boy, a Venezuelan manufacturer specialized in Kid's Fashion, with more than 26 years being leader in our market...

Carolyn Forsman

It's called conversation jewelry and the fun is evident in bracelets that say things like "Weird," "Princess" or "Kewl"


Accessories galore. Tons of trendy, young styles and a user-friendly site. "Kiss It or Dis It"  section. No online shopping.


A handy earring holder plus earrings to add to your collection and ankle bracelets.

Funky Shop

Magnetic body jewelry (faux body piercing), velvet, rhinestone and spike chokers and more funky accessories.

Karan Feder

Faux fur and astroturf bags are definite attention grabbers -- Yellow Monkey furball bag is good for a smile.

L.A. Funk

Cool stuff like bra strap headbands and groovy cosmetics

Lucky Ladybug

Good prices on stone and wood power beads, hair accessories, necklaces with lots of sweet ladybug and butterfly touches.

Peggy Li

Sarah Michelle Gellar's worn these cute accessories like floating chokers, beaded suede rings and feather wristcuffs

Squirrelly Girl

You've probably seen the pretty Austrian crystal rings in InStyle Magazine. Check out the bracelets and more.

Tarina Tarantino

She's the hippest jewelry designer and celebs love her stuff. Crystal bugs are her specialty and at this FashionDish store you can buy everything from Ant Bobby Pins to Bee Hairclips



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