An Essay

They keep telling me "your skirt's too short", well I don't think it is! How short is too short anyway? No one seems to want to answer that question , I just get a bunch of uhhs and ohs, umms and aws, as if I am suppose to know what that means. Come on, how short is too short how's a girl suppose to know? Why even the strict school uniform policy only gives me the words "of a decent length." What is that suppose to mean? I'm a decent person, the dictionary says decent means kind, quite good, generous and decency is defined as propriety (fitness , justice), well that defines myself what does it have to do with my skirt? I've been told it's a moral decision, well that lumps it in with abortion, drugs and sex before marriage, none of which have anything to do with my skirt length. I mean even smokers have a right and the government taxes the fags, even though they take away an innocent bystanders right to breath fresh air. So if it's a tax issue I paid sales tax on my skirt, never argued about it one bit, my skirt length doesn't cause health risks, and I wear tights in the winter to keep me from catching cold. No one complains about all the bikinis at the beach and how 'bout the nudity on television, but they sure are worried about the length of my skirt. I say forget my skirt there are too many other shortages like holidays and weekends, except those awful fortnights in Nanas caravan, and how 'bout those high-water trousers they make me wear, looks as though I'm expecting a flood or something, and then this ridiculous haircut - now that's too short! And these short chubby legs of mine, that's the reason I wear a short skirt to begin with, so if the skirt looks short my legs won't (at least that's what all the models say), then maybe I'd stop being chased by all these short guys. What about short fingers (no piano for me), eyelashes (thank goodness for mascara), and my parent's tempers (boy can that be short). And speaking of too short, how 'bout winter days - the world ends at 4 PM, Christmas the most glorious holiday of them all and when the shops are done making their pounds for the year it's over, then we forget all about Jesus again until Easter. I say birthday parties are too short, desk legs and lunch breaks, some menus and post office queues, amusement park rides and the sledding trip down the long hill that I worked so hard to climb, took me ten minutes to walk up it and only one minute to get to the bottom. I certainly don't want strangers to see my underwear, so I've learned to sit very ladylike ( another topic for another time), and to bend at my knees instead of my back, its better for me anyway. I just don't understand, if I have taken all of the precautions, and addressed all of the issues why I still am told my skirt is too short! They want me to be grown up, act my age, make decisions for myself, be respectful, knowledgable and all the other stuff but they don't want me to wear a short skirt. Don't even try and remind them that they wore them just as short in the sixties 'cause that's different. Their parents didn't want them to do it either, as if they never sneaked out and changed clothes behind their parent's backs. I don't want to sneak, I want to tell them the truth, but I want it to be my way, they see that as disrespectful, my scared friends see that as nervy and daring, I've always seen it as straight ahead honest. I got a new word for you. It's called "assertive", not aggressive, not argumentative, but simply assertive, I have done the work, found the facts, listened to all the sides and made a choice, now thats cool..... Linda


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