So, you're a geek, eh?


Well, prove it by taking the Nerd Purity Test. Prove it again by taking this Nerd Test , or prove it conclusively with The Nerd 500 Test . Heh, yours truly is 81% nerd...

Still confused? Ask these folks, What is a geek?

Any geek will tell you, Dilbert is always great.

Yes! I admit it! The Geek Site of The Day is my start page!!

My favorite online game-- Guess the Computer! There's an HTML version, as well as a Shockwave version.

That's right, folks.. It's the one, the only, International Obfuscated C Code Contest.

Whenever I've had a particularly stressfull day, the Bastard Operator from Hell always makes me feel a lot better. God, I love that guy... However, when I use the BOFH-style Excuse Server , I usually can avoid stressful days altoghether! Also, now there's Brandon's BOFH page, it's awesome!!!

Need a good laugh? Want to waste some time? Then check out Omri's Computer Humor Page . It's hilarious! Waste a couple of hours, and laugh the whole time. A word of caution, though: it can be really addictive!

Learn your history, kiddies.. Here's the IBM Songbook!

An NC State comp sci major's awesome list of UNIX HUMOR sites!!!

And if you're a sysadmin, maybe you should prove your worth by taking The SysAdmin Purity Test . Or, look busy while enjoying some Sysadmin Songs !

All right, sisters in geekdom, a place for us-- NrrdGrrl!!

Ask Cybergrrl, Can Girls be Geeks, Too?

Tool around the awesome Retrocomputing Museum! Isn't Eric S. Raymond the coolest?!?!

Check out Cornell University's Classic Computer Club!

The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network contains the collected wisdom of the entire Perl community: hundreds of Perl utilities, several books' worth of documentation, and the entire Perl distribution. If it's written in Perl, and it's helpful and free, it's in the CPAN.

No, not the ALF, not even the People's Front of Judea, this is the Nerds Revolutionary Front!!

Looking for The Answers? Search no further than The Church of the SubGenius. Check out SubSITE for more inspiration, as well as Church: SubGenius .

Geek Girl-- an Aussie e-zine, for grrls like Mary and I!!!

BABEL--This is a glossary of computer-related acronyms.. I'll never have to ask again, "Brandon, what does PCMCIA stand for?!" :)

Tour the Computer Museum Network!!

If you get it, you're a geek--It's the One-Question Geek Test!

A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys--C'mon, sisters, get a clue!!!

A Guy's Guide to Geek Girls--Sigh...They need all they help they can get... :)

You ever get into those OS religious wars? C'mon, you know you do.. Well, here's a Canonical list of operating systems that suck , to add fuel to your fire.. BTW, Linux rules.

Up your clueful quotient, read the Stealth Geek FAQ!!

This just makes me so jealous...You'd think we RTP geeks could come up with something to rival the Santa Cruz geek social scene!!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.. There was... DEC Wars!!!

Ever wondered just *how* private your internet contributions are? This feature article from c|net, digital privacy, features several search engines which will churn forth frightening amounts of information on almost anyone you'd care to look up.

The truth is indeed out there...and now it's accessible.

Ahh.. The one, the only, Jargon File, also known as the Hacker's Dictionary. Probably the most valuable, and fun, thing I've ever read!

I just love the great people at InfoMagic. Great place for software, books, and Linux fashion accessories!!

In case you are one of the unfortunate geeks adrift in cyberspace without official ID, here's a link to The Code of the Geeks v3.1 Generator.

A haven for any geek, Tina's Humor Archives are sure to please. This site is always getting new stuff. Hours of entertainment!

Remember Alice's Restaurant? Well, here's Alice's PDP-10!

Speaking of PDP-10s, check out some pictures of PDP-10s at MIT in this reproduction of a 1975 brochure.

For even more PDP-10 fun, hit Joe Smith's PDP-10 Page!!

Here's a great, really comprehensive Computer History and Emulation page!!

Retrocomputing is cool.. check out some more Blasts from the Past!!

Remember, back in the days before Netscape? All you could do was call BBS's to while away your adolescence.. For all of you who remember.. I present, the PHRACK MAGAZINE UNDERGROUND ARCHIVES.

Here's someone else's page of Hacker Links.

Parents, be warned--Consult this site so you can recognize the Signs That Your Son is a Hacker.

Learn the way of The Hacker Ethic. Do, or do not, there is no try.

Chill for awhile in the Hacker's Club...

For all of you wannabees, finally, The Answers: How to be a Hacker.

All the gory details of.. (Dah-dah-DAHH!) The Hacker Crackdown.

Have some fun with the Internet Anagram Server! Er, I, Rearrangement Servant... Er, Inert Net Grave Near Mars...

Prepare to take your connection to the limit--It's the complete, unabridged, Hacker's Handbook.

The story of The Ultimate Hack.

Remember 2600 magazine? Well, here's their alt.2600/#hack FAQ [hack.faq]

Geek USA--Hm.. Let's see if you can figure that one out.. :)

Zippy, a contender to Dilbert.. But Dilbert's cuter!!

You knew it was inevitable... Nerd (dot) Com.

For those of you who need a diagram... this should help you in Understanding Computer Technology.

Yow! We're being marketed to!! If you want to wear your geekiness, check out some GeekGarb!!

Peruse the Dilbert-like Dictionary and Algebraic Equation


Here are some more links, so new I haven't checked them out yet!! If they don't work, don't blame me.


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