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Dragon without a cause...
The tree of Life



Battle Dress  
Faces in troubled skies

Into the sunlight

The Goth phenom has quietly grown into a uniquely grassroots trend which has seemed to be able to resist the inroads of BigBiz as it has also resised the formation of a "leadership". Perhaps Goth, with it's automatic outlaw appeal is, by definition, destined to be a subculture which runs at it's own speed and with it's own ever-changing codes.

The idea that this movement should move facefirst into the light shone by popularity is perhaps as laughable as that which suggests that Goth brings it's own light from within the darkness.

And yet, it seems to do exactly that.

The Grail, on the other hand, is the upper reflections of the same kind of all powerful inner sense that pervades it's darker twin - not quite "angels on horseback" or any of the cutesy populist dilutions of the "feel good" spirit, but a oneness with nature and the cosmos found only in the most esoteric of centers.

It is particularly fitting that in this most ether of media settings, both Goth and the Grail are as tangible as the coldest of realitsic art. For the moment, we have but four pieces with more to follow. They are subtitled subjectively - use your own as desired.

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