Celebrity Chefs

Occasionally we run into Celebrity Chefs at shows. They come to give demonstrations and sell books and usually gather their ingredients from the stallholders at the show. Many of these "personalities" have used our products and like them. During their demonstrations they say nice things about our little family of flavoured honeys and help our sales. We are grateful for these kind words and for the confidence boost when they ask for some to take home, but their own contractual agreements prevent them from officially endorsing our products.

So, while they cannot/will not OFFICIALLY say that they use our honeys, we can at least say that they HAVE used them during their show appearances and that they HAVE said nice things about our products and that's good enough for us.

These chefs include

Clarissa Dickson-Wright

Rachel Green

Lesley Waters

Sophie Grigson

and several others who have, in varying degrees, found pleasure in our products but haven't actually used them in a public setting (that we know of..)




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